Discover the secrets
of Lenticular Technology

3D Photographer Igor Kurchavov

My name is Igor Kurchavov.

I earned Master's Degree in Electronic and Computer Science and worked as an electronic engineer for the Special Design Office of Space Research Institute.

Photography has been my hobby for a long time. Several years ago I became acquainted with three dimensional photo and modern technology of making lenticular 3D pictures. Now that is my business and exciting hobby.

3D photography is another direction of photography. On one hand, 3D photos look more natural, more expressive, more "alive" than ordinary flat photos. On the other hand 3D photography has few limitations that ordinary photography does not have. For example, there are:

However, three dimensional photography is a very interesting business, and I am wondering why people do not know enough about this part of photography. So, I am here, because I would like to share my knowledge and my experience about it with you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, contact me .