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The process of stereo (multi) shooting is more complicated because you have to take several pictures of your object from different angles, not just one, like in an ordinary flat photography. Of course, it brings some limitations. For example, it is impossible to shoot a moving object. But even if you would like to shoot a motionless object, like a beautiful flower in your garden, for example, you should to shoot your frame set as fast as you can, because during the multi shooting period of time some conditions could be changed. For example, the people could appear in your scene, the cloud could hide the sun light, the light wind could swing your flower and so on. Moreover the camera must be moved on the same steps that is an one of the most important requirements for producing the high-quality 3D lenticular pictures. But you are a photographer and your attention has to be involved in a photographic process and released from the careful calculating of each moving step. Therefore each 3D photographer has to have a device that must:

  1. accelerate the process of multi shooting,
  2. move your camera on the same steps,
  3. allow to choose different amount of steps,
  4. to be easy in use,
  5. to be not big and not heavy.

Friend of mine from Germany, he is a talented engineer and really BIG enthusiast of 3D photography, Georg Mainow, designed and made a nice Tripod Add-on (pictures 1 - 4) that satisfies all of these requirements.

3D photography Picture 1

3D photography Picture 2

3D photography Picture 3

3D photography Picture 4

It is a compact and lightweight device. This Tripod Add-on can move your camera up to 18" (47 cm) (pictures 5 - 9). That allows you to take a 3D picture of subject that could be remote from camera up to 100 meters.

Pay attention that this device has light weight additional leg that prevents a slope of your camera during moving the camera from one side to another (picture 1).

3D photography Picture 5

3D photography Picture 6

The Tripod Add-on has two different possibilities to select the right steps of movement of your camera. You can use a ruler (pictures 5 and 6) or specially designed seven lines of holes. Each line consists of 12 holes located on the same interval from each other (pictures 7 - 9).

These lines have the steps of 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm. Therefore the maximum camera shift with using these lines could be 44 mm, 66 mm, 88 mm, 110 mm, 165 mm, 220 mm and 330 mm. That is enough to take 3D pictures with a distance to an object from 20 centimeters up to 15 - 20 meters. That covers most of the cases that photographer needs. Moreover you could choose the line of holes that you need and then just trigger the camera and move your camera up to the next click. So, you do not need to pay attention to the ruler. Just move your camera, listen the "click" sound and push the trigger button after each "click". It is easy, isn't it? So, with this procedure photographer can focus his attention to photographic process instead of paying excessive attention to calculating each millimeter and moving the camera.

3D photography Picture 7

3D photography Picture 8

3D photography Picture 9

The distance that camera is moving between first and last triggering calls "Stereobase". The stereobase depends on a depth of your photo scene, a depth of your main object, a distance between camera and object, pitch and size of lenticular lens that you intend to use. Sometimes it is not easy to select the right stereobase, but luckily we have a good software for stereobase calculation. There is a "MultiStereoBase" software.

If you would like to have the total shift more then 33 cm, you could attach a ruler on the back of the Tripod Add-on and use it for camera movement. The biggest stereobase is 47 cm.

It is possible to make the rail bigger, if you need that. In other words stereobase could be bigger, up to 36" (92 cm). Of course, the price on such big Tripod Add-on will be higher.

The complete set of Tripod Add-on you could see on the pictures 10 - 12.

3D photography Picture 10

3D photography Picture 11

3D photography Picture 12

I am glad to inform you that now you can order this Tripod Add-on right from this web-site. After ordering your device will be made in 5 - 10 business days and sent you by mail. If you have any questions about this Tripod Add-on you could contact
with (German, Russian)
or with (English, Russian)

The price on the Tripod Add-on is 399 EUROS.
Shipping from Germany, therefore, please, pay attention to the shipping and handling cost:

For payment you can use your PayPal account or any major Credit Cards.
All your credit card information will be sent through the most known and reliable Internet Payment Provider PayPal using Secured Internet Protocol HTTPS. So, all your information will be absolutely save.

Shipping area Way and time of delivery Shipping cost (EUR) Total (EUR) Buy
Europe Air mail (4-6 days) €40 €439
USA and Canada Air mail (10-15 days) €65 €464
USA and Canada Express mail (2-4 days) €101 €500
Other countries Air mail (10-15 days) €80 €479
Other countries Express mail (4-6 days) €199 €598

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