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How to make Flip pictures? Part 2.

I want to make you glad. The Christmas is coming! :-)

That is the perfect opportunity for doing photo business! Today I would like to tell you how to make the most known and customer's favorite Flip picture. That is the picture with "winking people". It is easy to shoot and produce picture but the people always like them. There are a lot of merry laugh when the customer looks at such picture. And believe me if the customer will be happy he will pay you easily.

Of course, these pictures are good not just for Christmas. You will be able to make them on any parties. And as it is easy to produce them you will be able even to make them during party and present the pictures to your customers close to end of party.

Beside this the parents always love to get the pictures of their kids especially the funny winking pictures. Just go to kindergarten, take pictures and you will get many grateful customers and a lot of profit for you.

Let's start!

I have two shoots of charming woman (pictures 1 and 2).

Picture 1

Picture 2

Before cutting the images we have to align the pictures. In the last newsletter "Issue 3. How to make Flip picture? (part 1)" we used two different images for making Flip picture. So, we did not have to align the pictures. But with this type of lenticular picture it is better to align the images. Indeed if the main object will be in the different areas of images we will not see the "winking effect". We will see just chaotic saltation (picture 3).

Picture 3

Therefore in this case we need that the face of woman will be on the same area of both images.

As usually all spade-work I am going to do using PhotoImpact 10 - photo editing software.

Let's make lenticular picture with the size 4"x6" (10x15 cm) with lenticules run parallel to long side of picture. The proportion of this pictures is 2 : 3.

Open both pictures in PhotoImpact photo editing software. Both images have the same size 2272 x 1704 pixels. I decided to get images with sizes 2100 x 1400 pixels. This size has a proportion 3 : 2 that we need.

Click the Crop Tool button on the left and put the values 0, 0, 2100 and 1400 to the windows Left, Top, Width and Height on the top (picture 4).

Picture 4

The values in the windows Left and Top show the coordinates of the left-top corner of the highlighted area. If you would like to move a highlighted area just place a mouse pointer on it, press the left button of mouse and drag the area. For example, I want that the face will be in the center of the highlighted area. I have moved it and gotten the values 93 and 61 in the windows Left and Top correspondingly (picture 5).

Picture 5

Then click Crop button and save this image on hard drive. Now we have the Frame 1 of lenticular picture. Let's make a second frame.

Click on Frame 1 (activate it), copy this picture to the computer's memory (click CTRL + A and then CTRL + C). Activate Picture 2. Paste Frame 1 to Picture 2 (click CTRL + V). You will get something like on picture 6.

Picture 6

Okay, put your mouse pointer on Frame 1 and click the right button of mouse. You will see the menu, choose Properties. On Tab General you will see a command Transparency. Choose the value 50. You will see Picture 2 and semitransparent Frame 1 (picture 7).

Picture 7

Click OK button. Now put the mouse pointer on Frame 1, press left button of mouse, drag Frame 1 and drop it on the place you want. I want that the faces from both pictures would be on the same area. If you need to move Frame 1 precisely use Arrow buttons on your keyboard (picture 8).

Picture 8

Then put the mouse pointer on Frame 1, click the right button of mouse and choose Properties (picture 9).

Picture 9

On Tab Position & Size in windows Left and Top you will see the values 116 and 53. Memorize them and click OK.

Delete semitransparent Frame 1 from Picture 2. Click on Crop Tool on the left and type to the windows Left, Top, Wight and Height the values 116, 53, 2100 and 1400 (picture 10).

Picture 10

Then click the Crop button on the top. You will get Frame 2, save it on your hard drive. So, now using Frame 1 and Frame 2 we can make the flip lenticular picture with "winking effect" (picture 11).

Picture 11

Then run "PhotoProjector" software and do the same steps as I described in my previous "Issue 3. How to make Flip pictures? (Part 1)" Newsletter.

After interlacing you will get the file like this (picture12).

Picture 12

Then print this file as described in "Issue 3. How to make Flip pictures? (Part 1)" Newsletter using Ulead PhotoImpact photo editing software and laminate this printed interlaced image with your lenticular sheet as described in full copy of my manual "How to make high quality lenticular 3D photos and Flip pictures for home and business".

Congratulations! You will get the lenticular flip picture with "winking effect". Now you do not need to import such pictures from Japan. You can do it too! :-)

Good luck!
Igor Kurchavov

P.S. I intend to write the book that will describe technology of making Flip lenticular pictures. This book will include that and many other useful materials and tips. If you have some questions, please ask me. I am going to clarify them in the book. I hope this will improve the book quality.