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One Christmas business idea!

Dear Friends,
Do not forget, the Christmas is coming! :-)
That is the right time to make money using lenticular technology!
Of course, I know that is the right time for fun and make the people happy. But we are 3D and Flip photographers. Right? That is the good time to do our business. Let's help Santa Claus to make the people happy! :-)

You know already how to make the flip pictures (issue 3 and issue 4). Today I would like to share with you one of business idea based on this knowledge.

We are going to know how to make the flip lenticular picture with the motionless objects. In this case it is the picture of Santa Claus and an inscription (picture 1).

Picture 1

With this easy technology you will be able to make the very attractive pictures for your customers with inscriptions and some graphic objects, like logotypes of companies, advertising and promotional signs, holiday pictures and so on. This technology could be used for making the wedding and celebration invitations or you can shoot you pictures on malls, kindergarten, schools and company parties. Then quickly design and make the pictures. If you would have the pre-designed templates it could save a lot of your time. The people like such pictures and they will pay you money willingly for that.

Okay, let's start.

We have such pictures (pictures 2, 3 and 4).

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

All of these pictures you can download as one flip.rar file (3.66 Mb).

For work we have to have:

  1. "PhotoProjector" interlacing software.
  2. "Ulead PhotoImpact" - photo editing software.
  3. Lenticular sheet 4"x6" (10x15 cm) with lenticules run parallel to long side.

Therefore in this case we need that the face of woman will be on the same area of both images.

At first we have to choose the sizes of our final images. We decided to make the picture with size 4"x6" (10x15 cm). The proportion of this picture is 2 : 3. So, we need that the proportion of our images will be the same. I have chosen the size 800x1200 pixels.

Run "Ulead PhotoImpact" photo editing software.

Click button "New" (picture 5).

Picture 5

You will see the dialog box "New Image". Choose all settings like on picture 5 and click OK button. You will get a blank image with size 1200x800 pixels. Click buttons File -> Save As and save your image as flip.ufo. Extension .ufo is the inner extension of Ulead PhotoImact editor that can save many different graphic objects without merging them. We are going to use this useful feature.

Open the image santa.jpg in PhotoImpact. We have to get Santa Claus as object, not as picture, because the white space around him will close the part of our kid's pictures. For that choose the Magic Wand Tool and choose Mode as +. Place the mouse pointer on the areas marked by yellow color and click the left button of mouse. You will see the dotted lines around the white areas (picture 6).

Picture 6

Place your mouse pointer on picture and click the right button of mouse you will see the menu (picture 7). Click Invert button. Click the right button again and choose Convert to Object button, then click the right button and choose Copy. Now the object Santa Claus is in the computer's memory.

Picture 7

Activate our flip.ufo file. Click the right button of mouse and choose Paste.

You will see that Santa Claus appears on the picture. But this object is too small for the picture. Click Transform Tool and choose an appropriate Transform method (picture 8).

Picture 8

You will see the frame around the object. Place your mouse pointer on the right-low frame's corner, click and keep the left button of mouse and enlarge the object up to size that you need. Then click Pick Tool, place the mouse pointer on object, click and keep the left mouse's button and drag your object downward.

Open the picture 1.jpg in PhotoImpact. Click CTRL-A and then CTRL-C for sending the picture to computer's memory or do the same as described above for that. Activate flip.ufo, and click CTRL-V. So now we have two objects on our picture (picture 9).

Picture 9

You see that the picture with kids closes the picture with Santa Clause. It is better to arrange Santa Clause in front of kid's picture. Place your mouse pointer on kid's picture and click the right button. In menu choose Arrange and then Send Backward.

Now you can enlarge the picture and drag it to the right-low corner as I described above. You can leave the picture as is but I decided to use the Spot Filter effect (picture 10).

Picture 10

Choose Easy Palette button from the right line of PhotoImpact window. The Easy Palette is the greatest advantage of Ulead PhotoImpact over another photo editing software. Of course, you will be able to do the same work using another software, but in PhotoImpact you will be able to use already prepared effects and change some settings faster and easily. You will find tons of such features in PhotoImpact. That is the very good things for such lazy guys, like me. :-) With such prepared features we can concentrate our efforts on other work and to get good looking graphic design easily.

From Easy Palette choose Photo Effects Gallery and Lens Filters. Then find Spot Filter 1. Place the mouse pointer on that icon and click the right button. From menu choose Modify Properties and Apply … You will see the Spot Filter dialog box (picture 11). Just play with settings and choose the best for you.

Picture 11

I have gotten such result (picture 12).

Picture 12

Then repeat the same steps with 2.jpg. I have gotten the picture 13.

Picture 13

Now both kids' images are arranged one after another. Now we can decide where to put an inscription "Merry Christmas!" Choose the Text Tool (picture 14).

Picture 14

Choose the parameters of inscription Font, Size, Style and Color that you need. Place the mouse pointer on the area that you want to put an inscription, click the left button and write an inscription.

Then we can use Easy Palette again (picture 15).

Picture 15

Click Easy Palette, Text Style Gallery and Gel. Then place your mouse pointer on the icon G38 and click the right button of mouse. Choose Modify Properties and Apply… We get the picture 16.

Picture 16

Click on color window and choose the red color. Then click OK. The result we can see on the picture 17.

Picture 17

Now all our images were save as objects. We have to save them as two different frames in JPEG format. Save this picture as the first frame flip 1.jpg. Then click on image of girls, click the Delete button and save the second frame as flip 2.jpg (picture 18).

Picture 18

Now we can interlace these frames for making Flip lenticular picture using "PhotoProjector" software.

If you know that your pictures will be similar, for example, kids' pictures, you can prepare UFO file with all objects (pictures, inscriptions) in advance and then just put the kids' images to that file, change size, drag to right place and save in JPEG format. That way can save your time and efforts.

Good luck!
Igor Kurchavov

P.S. Dear friends,
I have received the several emails with the requests to tell more about making 3D Photos. I am going to do that but later, because before I received a lot of emails asking about how to do the Flip pictures. Please, be patient! Besides I described how to make 3D photos in my book "How to make high quality lenticular 3D photos and Flip pictures for home and business" where you can find a lot of information about lenticular technology, for example,