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Making vanishing inscription on business cards!

Dear Friends,
Not long ago I have been making the order of several hundreds of lenticular business cards. The customer was a magician, a circus artist. He wanted the absolutely incredible business cards, the business cards where the inscription can appear and disappear completely.

As you know already that is exactly that lenticular technology can make. Making lenticular business cards is not difficult, but it discovers the huge opportunities that are opened for growing your lenticular business up.

Today we are going to make the real business cards with vanishing inscription. Lenticular business cards are very attractive for customers because they are very unusual and no one will throw them away to the garbage, but put them to their business card holder.

We have to have for this project:

  1. "PhotoProjector" interlacing software.
  2. Lenticular sheet 8"x10" (20x25 cm) with lenticules run parallel to short side
  3. "Ulead PhotoImpact" graphic editor

We tried several different designs and decided on white letters on black background. In that way I had to have two frames. There are one black frame and the frame with black background and white letters.

The size of business card is 2"x3.5", hence the proportion of card's sides is 4 : 7. That is why I have chosen the size of cards as 1000 x 1750 pixels.

Let's run "Ulead PhotoImpact" software. Click the button New Image on the top - left corner or CTRL + N (picture 1).

Picture 1

Set the background as black and the size as Width: 1750 and Height: 1000 pixels. Click OK button (picture 1). We get the black frame, let's save it on hard drive as 1.jpg file (picture 2).

Picture 2

Now we have to type an inscription. For that click the Text Tool (picture 3) and put all information as shown.

Picture 3

Let's type the customer's information, place it on the center (picture 4) and save the second frame on hard drive as 2.jpg file.

Picture 4

Now we have two frames that we have to interlace using "PhotoProjector" software. Run "PhotoProjector" software. Set parameters as shown (picture 5):
- Lenticular sheet type: 3D 60 lpi 3D PhotoPro.
- Image type: 2views 10px depth 1.
Click on Add sequence... button and add our frames 1.jpg and 2.jpg.

Picture 5

Then set Width of output image, cm: 8.9 (picture 6). Height of output image, cm: the "PhotoProjector" will set as 5.09 automatically. For printing I will use an ink jet photo printer Epson Photo 2200 that is why I set the Print resolution, dpi: 720. Check Alignment mark and set Type: Flip.

Picture 6

Click on Mark size... button and in window Alignment marks settings set the size of alignment marks (picture 7). It is enough to use the size of marks as 0.5 cm for 60 lpi lenticular sheet.

Picture 7

Then click on Settings... button and check Horizontal orientation and Mirror strips (picture 8).

Picture 8

And now we can use the most useful feature that has "PhotoProjector" software for printing several same pictures on one sheet. That will save our expenses on the paper and lenticular sheets. Moreover it will save our time and efforts! Actually I do not know any other lenticular software that has the same feature!

Click on Images arrangement... button and set the Horizontal number of images: 2 and Vertical number of images: 5 (picture 9). This software feature let us to print 10 business cards at once!

Picture 9

Now we can click the button Create interlaced image and save the image cards.tif on the hard drive (picture 10).

Picture 10

Now we have to print that interlaced picture, laminate it by lenticular sheet with precise adjustment of printed interlaced picture and lenticular sheet, as I describe in detail in my book "How to make high quality lenticular 3D photos and Flip pictures for home and business", and cut the business cards. All done!

Comment: You see that the making flip business cards is not difficult process, but it can be very helpful for your lenticular business.

Best regards,
Igor Kurchavov