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Dear Friend,
Today I would like to pay your attention to one of the most useful software for your lenticular business. That is the "StereoMorpher PLUS" software.

As you know, the process of stereo shooting for making 3D lenticular pictures is more complicated then the ordinary photo shooting because you have to shoot the object from the several different angles. There are several ways how to do that:

  1. To use the special device like Tripod add-on for moving a single camera around the object.
  2. To use many cameras, usually 6 - 12, located around the object.

Both of these ways have the advantages and disadvantages. First way is much cheaper, but it can capture just motionless objects. The second way is very expensive, because you have to use the several cameras and a complicated and expensive device for synchronization of cameras. The price of such system is more than $20000 USD. But it can not resolve the main problems. Really, imagine that you want to take a 3D picture of some object in motion, the cyclist, for example. While you will mount all of your 3D equipment, the cyclist will go away from you. Hence such equipment is good just for 3D photo studio.

Nevertheless there is the way to capture 3D scene in motion with the minimal charge of money and efforts. I am telling about making stereo pairs. That is the easiest way to get 3D picture. That is why this method is the most popular in the world. Most of 3D photographers do make the stereo pairs. If you want to read more information about it, I would recommend you the best point for start in Internet "" web-site and the book "Stereo Photography" written by Fritz G. Waack.

Many companies and 3D enthusiasts offer some ways and devices that can capture 3D stereo pairs. As example, you can familiarize with some of these ways:

  1. "Loreo" company offer film stereo cameras with two lenses and 3D Lens in a Cap.
  2. Twin camera bar for attaching two cameras, but you have to set up the cameras and to do the shutter release by hand.
  3. Synchronizing two digital cameras electronically, for example, synchronizing two Sony V1 cameras.

With stereo pairs you will be able to make the anaglyph pictures. Many software can make anaglyph pictures from stereo pairs, I would recommend you to pay attention to the nice and free "Anaglyph Maker" software. Anaglyph pictures could be easily printed by any photo printer or offset machine. And at present time you can find some magazines in the world with the beautiful 3D anaglyph pictures, you can see, for example, the "Parallax" erotic magazine on eBay. Many 3D photographers are demonstrating their anaglyph pictures on the web-sites.

Disadvantages of this method are:
1. For seeing of 3D effect you have to have a special Red - Cyan glasses.
2. The Red colour does not look real, you will see it as black. That is why 3D photograpers often use Black-and-White method to show the anaglyph pictures.

Of course, it is much better to see the 3D lenticular pictures, because you do not need to have any additional devices, like anaglyph glasses, and the photo looks like the real photo. But for making lenticular photo we need at least 6 frames, not just two, like in stereo pair. Moreover the stereobase for 3D lenticular technology has to be longer than a stereobase for stereo pair in 3 - 4 times.

Hence, it would be great if we would have the way to transform the stereo pairs to 3D lenticular frames.

Fortunately, now we have the good decision for that kind of work. It is "StereoMorpher PLUS" software. This software is intended for generating the additional views (frames) for 3D lenticular picture manufacturing from the stereo pairs. The new version of "StereoMorpherPlus 1.1" includes all possibilities of the old Stereomorpher software, but works tens, hundreds times quicker, and the result is much better.

"StereoMorpher PLUS" uses the basic principle of usual morphing applications: drawing of the identical shapes in the left and the right images, and transformation of the left shape into the right shape. There are some essential features:

I have gotten the new version of "StereoMorpher PLUS". You know I worked with old version a lot doing portraits. "StereoMorpher PLUS" makes morphing process much easier, faster and, the main thing, with the better quality. Please, see an example that I made from stereo pair.

The customers are happy! And me too! :-)
It will do benefit to my business using "StereoMorpher PLUS"!"

Georg Mainoff
3D Photographer

Look at help to this software...

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Visual manuals:

1. Quick start (1.2 Mb)

2. How to use the Pen tool (1.8 Mb)

3. How to use the Lasso tool (1.3 Mb)

4. How to use the Magic Wand tool (85 Kb)

5. Stereo matching (3.3 MB)

Download the demo version of StereoMorpher 1.3. Demo version generates two in-between views

The price on "StereoMorpher PLUS" software is $650 USD. You will receive the CD and HASP key by courier mail.

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I know exactly "StereoMorpher PLUS" software will benefit to your 3D Lenticular business!

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Igor Kurchavov