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PhotoProjector software - NEW Version!

Dear Friend,
I would like to make you happy! Recently we have got a NEW version of PhotoProjector software! That is the version of 2.5. This version has the new feature that let us increase the quality of FLIP pictures dramatically and to decrease the time for producing the FLIP pictures. Actually I do not know any even expensive, professional software that has such feature!!! But now the PhotoProjector software has and you could use it in your business.

It is common knowledge that the biggest problem of FLIP pictures is the "ghosts". I am not talking about the ghosts that live in some old castles and scary the people. :-) I am talking about the effect when the frame/image that has to be invisible in that particular viewing angle becomes visible. In other words you will see both frames simultaneously. I think that everybody, who has made the FLIP lenticular pictures, has met this effect. Especially this effect becomes noticeable when you want to make the very contrast Flip pictures.

There are two reasons of that effect:

  1. The lenses can not divide absolutely both frames depends on viewing angle.
  2. The printers can not print absolutely straight lines. In reality the inks in adjacent lines crawl over each other and the edges of lines are unequal. You can notice that if you have a good look at your printed image using the loupe or magnifying glass. The quality of lines depends on:

The quality of lenticular lenses depends on lens manufacturers, hence, we can not change it. But we can choose the best lenses from the best manufacturer. For example, I tried many kinds of different lenticular lenses and now I can offer you the best lenses that I know. Please, see the page "Lenticular Lenses" on this web-site.

But we can influence on the second reason using the right software. The best, professional interlacing software, like Variograph software, for example, can place the thin white dividing line between lines (picture 1). Please compare with picture 2 that was interlaced without dividing line.

Picture 1

Picture 2

That is the simple solution and it can help in many cases. But it has some disadvantages too.

First of all, the color intensity of lenticular picture becomes noticeably less.

The second of all, you will not be able to change the width of dividing line.

In new version of PhotoProjector interlacing software we have an opportunity to make the dividing line with any color and with variable width. Really the modern printers make the bigger dots in places with bigger intensity, in other words for interlaced printed pictures the lines crawl over each other in places with bigger intensity, hence we need the dividing line in that places only. Isn't it?

That is what the NEW PhotoProjector software can make! Please, look at picture 3 that interlaced by PhotoProjector 2.5 software.

Picture 3

Pay attention to areas that I marked to you. In blue area both pictures have the similar intensity, therefore the PhotoProjector software did not put in the dividing line between frame's lines. In red marked area the intensity of frames are different, so you can notice that where an intensity is maximum, the dividing line has the bigger width, where an intensity is minimum, the dividing line is thin.

How can we control that in PhotoProjector software?

Choose the Flip in window Type and click the Settings... button (picture 4).

Picture 4

You will see the Flip image window and the new Intensity correction dialog (picture 5).

Picture 5

Check Enable checkbox and choose one of the option button. For ink jet printers it is better to choose the option strong or maximum.

Set blank colour button let us to change the color of dividing line.

This algorithm works just in case if each frame has more than 1 pixel under each lens. For example, if in window Image type you have chosen 2 views 12px each line will have 6 pixels. If each line will have one pixel, PhotoProjector will interlace without Intensity correction algorithm.

And other renewal in PhotoProjector 2.5, the button Pitch test was taken away from PhotoProjector software. Now the Pitch test can be done using separate software PitchTest.exe in the same PhotoProjector folder.

I am very glad that our software obtain more and more new useful features. Many thanks to E. Wassenmiller for that!
I want to wish you a lot of nice FLIP pictures!

Sincerely yours,
Igor Kurchavov