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ViewsAligner software

Dear 3D photo Friend,
I am very glad that today I can make you happy!!!
Really today I can present to your attention a very useful software for your 3D lenticular business!
We expected this software for a long-long time and eventually it was developed! This software will reduce the time and efforts for preparing 3D frames in several times! Hence you will be able to increase your productiveness and make more money.

If you tried to make 3D lenticular pictures you know that you have to shoot the object several times from different angles. The quality of 3D lenticular picture unconditionally depends on the quantity of frames. If you want to make the high quality 3D lenticular picture it is better if you shoot as many frames as your printer can print under lenticular lenses. If you use, for example, 60 lpi lenticular lenses and Epson photo printer with the resolution of 720 dpi, it is a good idea to shoot 12 frames (720 : 60 = 12). For shooting you can use the special device, like Tripod add-on.

But you can not use the frames for interlacing right after shooting because they are unprepared yet. They must be rotated if they have some slopes relatively each other, aligned by "zero point" and cropped using the proportion of your final 3D lenticular picture. Before you had to download each frame to photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop or Ulead Photoimpact, and religiously work with each frame. That is a really tedious and long work. It is the most boring and exhausting work for me especially if I have a rush order. Most often I have to make this work several times because I have to choose the best "zero point" for my 3D picture. Usually it needs about half of day to do this part of work for just one picture. But now we will be able to do this work in just several minutes. Can you imagine that? Really, I was very happy when I received this software!

Thanks to Eugenia Wazenmiller who has developed recently the "ViewsAligner" software. Let's see how it works.

In spring I took the 3D picture of lighthouse on sunset. Please see one frame below (picture 1).

Picture 1

I shotted 12 frames using the Tripod Add-on. As you can see that is a deep scene. "Zero point" could be chosen on any depth. I decided to choose the "zero point" on trunk of the left tree (picture 2).

Picture 2

Run "ViewsAligner" software and click the "Add files" button (picture 3).

Picture 3

Pay attention that frames must be named as 1.jpg, 2.jpg and so on. Where 1.jpg is the most left picture. Click the button Add..., add all 12 pictures and then click the Close button (picture 4).

Picture 4

We will see the picture like that (picture 5). Click one bench mark alignment button and pay attention that bench mark is in center of each picture.

Picture 5

All alignments could be made relatively first frame at the left. Place the mouse pointer on center of bench mark click the left button of mouse and drag the bench mark close to our chosen "zero point". Then click the + button for zooming (picture 6).

Picture 6

Find "zero point" and drag the bench mark to it. Then click Arrow button and click Proceed button in Stereo Matching window and Close button (picture 7).

Picture 7

You will see that bench marks on all other frames will move to our "zero point" automatically (picture 8)!

Picture 8

Now we have to crop all frames with proportion that we need. For example, in this case all my frames have the size of 3264 x 2448 pixels. The proportion of this picture is 4 : 3. I would like to make 3D lenticular picture with size of 6" x 4". The proportion of this picture is 3 : 2. If we click on Crop button (picture 8) we will be able to set the proportion that we need. Then we can click on Crop button in the center and save all cropped frames on hard drive (picture 9).

Picture 9

Hence, we spent just few minutes to receive 12 cropped and aligned frames like on picture 10. Isn't it amazing?

Picture 10

You can read the Help files to this software.

For ordering of "ViewsAligner" software, please, go to "ViewsAligner" software web-page.

I know exactly "ViewsAligner" software will benefit to your 3D Lenticular business!

Sincerely yours,
Igor Kurchavov