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PhotoProjector software - NEW 2.61 Version!

Dear Friend,
I am happy to inform you that recently the NEW version of PhotoProjector software was issued! That is the version of 2.61. This version has several new features that let us increase the quality of lenticular pictures and usability of software. Please, look at the snapshot of PhotoProjector software (picture 1).

Picture 1

The NEW features are listed below:

  1. Now we can print an interlaced picture right from PhotoProjector software.
  2. We can choose three different interpolations: bicubic, bilinear, by neighbour.
  3. We can rotate an interlaced image to eliminate the moire.

Let's review these features.

Printing an interlaced picture

After interlacing the button Print image... becomes active (picture 2).

Picture 2

When we click on the button Print image... we will see the window Printing Properties. In this window we can select the printer and setup the driver of our printer using the Setup printer... button. After that we can define where an interlaced picture will be printed on our paper sheet using Image position feature. After clicking the Print button our interlaced image will be printed.

Commentary: Pay attention that the resolution of our interlaced picture must be the same as the resolution of our printer.

Choosing an algorithm of interpolation

If our pictures are too small for the size of interlaced picture that we defined, the sizes of all of our pictures must be increased. The software must do it in a right way. This process is called as interpolation. Now in PhotoProjector software we can select one of the three most popular algorithms for interpolation. There are bicubic, bilinear and by neighbour algorithms. The differences between them you can see on picture 3.

Picture 3

We can select the algorithm of interpolation into the Interpolation window (picture 4).

Picture 4

How to avoid a moire on lenticular picture

Unfortunately sometimes when we put the lenticular sheet on printed interlaced picture we can see the moire. We can avoid a moire if we will print a rotated picture. We have to:

  1. Print an interlaced picture using the same settings in printer's driver as we are going to use for final printing of an interlaced picture.
  2. Put a lenticular sheet on this printed picture and align the print and the lenticular sheet.
  3. Take a pencil and draw the straight line using one of the side of lenticular sheet.
  4. Rotate a lenticular sheets relatively to print and find the angle where the moire disappears.
  5. Take a pencil and draw the other straight line using the same side of lenticular sheet.
  6. Take an alidade and measure the angles between lines.
  7. Check the checkbox Rotate canvas (picture 5).
  8. Type the angle's value to the Angle, deg.: text box (picture 5).
  9. Print a final interlaced picture.

Picture 5

All of these new features are really useful for improving the quality of lenticular pictures.

I am very glad that our software obtain more and more new useful features. Many thanks to E. Wassenmiller for that!
I want to wish you a lot of nice lenticular pictures!

Sincerely yours,
Igor Kurchavov