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PhotoProjector software - NEW 3.0 Version!

Dear Friend,
I am happy to inform that recently we released the NEW version of PhotoProjector software! That is the 3.0 version. This version has several new features that lets us increase the quality of lenticular pictures and usability of software. Please, look at the snapshot of PhotoProjector software (picture 1).

Picture 1

The NEW features are listed below:

  1. PhotoProjector software now has to be installed.
  2. Software registration.
  3. Field of view for frames.
  4. Changing the type of marks.
  5. Updating to PhotoProjector 3.0 software from old versions.

Let's review these features.

1. Installation of PhotoProjector software

Double-click the file PhotoPro_Setup.exe from the folder PhotoProjector 3.0. You will see the picture like that (picture 2).

Picture 2

You can select English or Russian language that could be used during installation process and click OK button. On next window just click the Next > button.

The next window gives you an opportunity to select the location where PhotoProjector software will be installed. By default software will be installed to folder C:\Program Files\Stereosoft\PhotoProjector (picture 3). Click on Install button.

Picture 3

After ending of installation process you will see the window, like shown on picture 4. Just click the Finish button.

Picture 4

Now you can launch the software, for that click on START button on the left lowermost corner of your monitor, point on All Programs button, find the new Stereosoft folder and launch PhotoProjector and/or PitchTest software (picture 5).

Picture 5

2. Software registration

As all previous versions PhotoProjector software will work during 30 days probation period without registration. During 30 days period you will be able to use all features of that software without any problems. After that period just by email and ask your User name and Password.

If you updated the software from the old versions and have the User name and Password already, you can register the software at any time, just point the arrow of mouse to the upper blue line and click on the right button of your mouse. Select the line Register the program... (picture 6).

Picture 6

3. Field of view for frames

In this NEW version of PhotoProjector software you could evaluate the depth of your 3D picture using anaglyph method and alignment of your frames by "zero point".

For evaluating of the depth of 3D picture you can click on Show as anaglyph image button (picture 7). If in text box Frame shift for anaglyph show: you type 3, that means that you will see the anaglyph images made from the frame's pairs: First and Fourth, Second and Fifth and so on. If you type 4, you will see the anaglyph images made from the frame's pairs: First and Fifth, Second and Sixth and so on. Pay attention that the stereobase for 3D lenticular pictures has to be bigger in 3-4 times than the stereobase for anaglyph images.

For evaluating of alignment of your frames by "zero point" you can use the buttons Play and near buttons with arrows (picture 7).

Picture 7

In this new version you can change the size of software window if you double-click the upper blue line. If you intend to see the anaglyph images in big size, increase the size of software before loading the frames.

4. Changing the type of marks

In this version you can select the Type of marks that is the best for you. Just click the button Marks size... and select the type that you prefer (picture 8).

Picture 8

All of these new features are really useful for improving the quality of lenticular pictures.

5. Updating to PhotoProjector 3.0 software from old versions

If you purchased PhotoProjector software before you can update it to NEW PhotoProjector 3.0 version. For that you have to send me an information when you purchased PhotoProjector software, what name and email address were used for purchase. I will verify your information with the information in my database and if everything is fine, you will receive the link to download the software.

As you know all software updates during one year after purchasing are free. But we decided to update a PhotoProjector software for FREE to all of our customers who purchased PhotoProjector in 2006 year and later.

If you purchased PhotoProjector software earlier the price on PhotoProjector 3.0 software is $90 USD. That means that you receive 50% discount.

Yes, I have the old version of PhotoProjector software that was purchased until 2006 year and now I want to update it to NEW version PhotoProjector 3.0 for just $90 USD!

Use PayPal to make order

I am very glad that our software obtain more and more new useful features. Many thanks to E. Wassenmiller and T. Sherudilo for that!
I want to wish you a lot of nice lenticular pictures!

Sincerely yours,
Igor Kurchavov