Discover the secrets
of Lenticular Technology

New professional technology of making 3D Lenticular portrait!

Dear 3D Friend,
Today I am very pleased to introduce you our UNIQUE System for the total capturing and processing of 3D Lenticular Images. This system is the result of our many years of experience in 3D photography, mechanical, electronic and software development. This system is the result of the combined efforts of several talented engineers, optical scientists and programmers during last few years. The system has been refined to allow the photography professional a broad range of specialized applications of this technology for their customers, from the portrait business to advertising graphics and beyond.

We call this complete system the In-Depth Image System. This system is not just software, it is not just an image capturing device, it is a complete system that handles all of the aspects of 3D lenticular production from capturing the 3D frame sets to the finished product. Finally you can now have the ability to offer customers the impact of quality 3D lenticular photography at a price and delivery time that is competitive with regular flat photographs. The In-Depth Image System has the image quality and speed along with ease of use to bring this type of photography into regular routine photograph purchase by individuals in their daily lives.

In-Depth Image System could be successfully used in many different photo market niches. There are:

  1. Portrait photography;
  2. School, graduation photography;
  3. Event photography;
  4. Pets photography;
  5. Advertisement photography and so on.

The System can create several products for your customers:

  1. 3D Lenticular pictures - you can frame these pictures and hang them on a wall or desk. The viewer does not need any glasses to see the depth on picture.
  2. 3D anaglyph pictures - you will need Red-Cyan glasses to see the depth on picture.
  3. 3D animation GIF files - in our modern digital age many people prefer to have the photos in digital formats to see them on computer's monitor or TV set. 3D animation GIF format can show the object in movement, like in 3D. You can look at examples on Pictures 1 and 2 below. This could be useful especially for event photographers because it takes just several seconds to create this kind of file and burn it on CD or customer's flash-drive. Many people prefer to use such files instead of the regular pictures in the social networks, like Facebook.

Unfortunately we cannot show you real 3D pictures on your computer, but we can show you 3D animation (GIF) file made from real frames taken by the In-Depth Image System. These frames were automatically captured, aligned and cropped using the System (pictures 1 and 2).

Picture 1

Picture 2

Using the In-Depth Image System we have made hundreds 3D lenticular images in different sizes and lens pitches ranging from 8"x10" (20x25 centimeters) 60 LPI up to 32"x42" (81x106 centimeters) on 20 LPI and they look fantastic. People always like these pictures. They say these 3D lenticular images look more realistic and more alive than the regular flat photos.
We add life to photography and bring 3D photography to life.

The In-Depth Image System was developed for the business demands of professional use. When we started to develop the System our main goal was to produce a complete product which is as user friendly as possible to allow less time to be spent processing the images, and more time building your business. This is a set it and forget it system. This means you can setup your system once and then take the frame sets time after time, as many days as you need, until you want to change the setup. During one recent photo session, we shot 70 frame sets during a two and half hour period without any rush, and that was including the model changing her wardrobe several times, and of course the usual make-up and hair adjustments.

The In-Depth Image System includes:

  1. 6 Cameras by 10 Megapixels.
  2. Camera cover.
  3. Powerslide base.
  4. Camera control module.
  5. Two tripods for the above.
  6. 17" Printer.
  7. 27" manual feed Laminator.
  8. Quad processor high RAM computer.
  9. 24" High Quality Monitor.
  10. Alignment Targets & stand.
  11. Unique In-Depth Image Capture software.
  12. Unique In-Depth Image Processor software.
  13. All necessary cables & connectors.
  14. Full "HANDS ON" training to use the system.

All you need to add supplies and your choice in lighting.

Please, look at picture 3 for a view of the In-Depth Image System.

Picture 3

3D pictures are a very effective promotional tool. Research has shown that 3D pictures attract the attention of people 6 to 8 times longer than the ordinary flat pictures and more people stop and look at them. In addition a lot of people want to keep such pictures as a souvenir, and do not throw them out into the trash like ordinary pictures and ads. Isn't it a dream of all promotional companies? This increases the cost effectiveness of 3D advertising several times in comparison to ordinary ads!

Up until now 3D lenticular production has been a tedious, somewhat trial and error process. Most 3D advertising has been created on the computer using different methods of conversion of flat pictures to 3D. That is a boring, time consuming process. The average period of 2D to 3D conversion measured in days. Hence one highly experienced graphic professional can create a few 3D pictures per month, and the worst thing is that nobody can see how the picture will turn out until the whole work is done and 3D picture is created. This is very expensive, and that is why just large corporations can afford to order 3D pictures for their promotions. We can however achieve these results in minutes, therefore making the impact of lenticular available to a huge market that could not afford the technology until now.

Now with our In-Depth Image System it is possible to take the pictures, automatically transfer them to the computer, select the frame set and automatically align, crop and interlace them and start printing in about ONE minute and that is with 120 megapixels of information!!!!!! A framed finished 8"x10" picture in your customers hand in 10 minutes or less!!!! The business of capturing and processing 3D pictures on a quality and consistent basis has never been faster or easier. The professional portrait market is massive, however there are also a massive number of photographers competing for that market with essentially the same 2D flat photo abilities. The In-Depth Image System now offers a way to capture this market with a unique product that is highly attractive to the consumer, a way to elevate your abilities above the crowd and make your own distinct capabilities shine. It offers an opportunity to establish your own 3D portrait business or expand your existing business with the most productive new technology available on the market today.

Some technical features of the In-Depth Image System:

We include full "hands on" training by people that have developed the system. It is actually possible to train someone how to operate the system in just a couple of hours, but our philosophy is to not just show you how to operate the system but to fully understand the principles and technology behind it. In that way you will be able to fully utilize the equipment to its best potential. For example should you encounter a power failure there is no need to panic and cancel the photo session as you can most likely still capture and process the images. Of course this also means that you can do the same on a mountain top or other location where grid power is not available. Although this is not the preferred way to operate, having a full understanding of the system makes this and several other things possible. We have found this through personal experience and pass along a wealth of knowledge to our clients. This is the reason that our training is comprehensive and "hands on" covering several days, and is a key component of our system package. Your system is capable of doing a lot and you will be trained to do a lot with it.

The In-Depth Image System is the most advanced and complete 3D photography system available on the market today. It can make you a leader for your area in the growing field of 3D photography. Please click on this link to view our PDF brochure.

Sincerely yours,
Igor Kurchavov