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"MultiStereoBase" software for making 3D Lenticular images

The process of stereo shooting for making 3D lenticular pictures is more complicated than the ordinary photo shooting because you have to shoot the object from several different angles. For that you have to move your camera on equal steps and shoot the pictures. This process is called "Parallel stereo shooting with the Tripod Add-on" and it is described in detail in manual "How to make high quality lenticular 3D photos and Flip pictures for home and business". You could read about the Tripod Add-on for stereo shooting here.

However, the first question that arises to 3D photographer when he starts shooting is "What stereo base should I choose?" That is the most important question if you want to reach the maximum 3D effect that could be achieved using the particular lenticular sheet for particular project. Of course, you can take the pictures several times with several different stereo bases, then interlace several pictures, print them and make several 3D lenticular images. But it raises the price of your project a lot and eats your profit up.

Actually, it is better to have the software that takes into account all details about the scene that you intend to shoot, such as a distance between the main object, foreground, background and your camera, your camera's zoom, camera's orientation, width of your final 3D lenticular photo, parallax and lenticular lens viewing angle, and calculates the optimal stereo base. Such software will be able to save your time, efforts and in the long run your money.

I want to offer you this software. That is "MultiStereoBase" software. You can read the Help file for it.

Hence, if you plan to shoot the frames for making 3D lenticular pictures, the "MultiStereoBase" is indispensable for you. The price on this software is just $30 USD and you can buy it right now and download it instantly (385 Kb).

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