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Lenticular sheet type

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How to use the program:

Lenticular sheet type

Before the beginning of the work it is necessary to choose the lenticular sheet type. Click Open Database... to open the dialogue Lenticular Sheets Database:

Here you can Add, Edit, Dublicate and Delete the items. Click Save to save your changes into database. Thus you can make Lenticular sheet type database for your goals.

Click Add and Edit to open the Edit dialogue. Here you set the following values:

Lenses per inch - frequency of lenticular sheet or microlens quantity per inch.

Lenses per inch = 25,4 / Period of lenticular in mm

Period of lenticular in mm = 25,4 / Lenses per inch

Frequency of the lenticular sheet is not equal to nominal frequency precisely. This value depend on the printer model and viewing distance. After Pitch test open the necessary item in the database and change the Lenses per inch value, set the correct number. For example, the frequency of a lenticular sheet is equal 72,2 lpi. Write this value in your database and save.