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"PSD 3D Converter" software is designed for 2D to 3D conversion based on layers in PSD files!

"PSD 3D Converter" program is an unique software designed for 2D to 3D conversion based on multilayered PSD files. This program converts a multilayered PSD file to several views / frames that look like this picture were shot from different angles. These frames could be used for making 3D lenticular pictures.

PSD files could be prepared in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, or Adobe Image Ready software. Each layer contains one or several objects. The objects lying in the same layer will be positioned on the same depth in 3D lenticular picture. The objects lying in different layers will be positioned on different depths in 3D lenticular picture. This effect is achieved because "PSD 3D Converter" software moves the layers with objects horizontally relatively to each other.

That is not a new idea. But uniqueness of "PSD 3D Converter" software is that each flat object could be transformed to 3D object by using the Depth Maps like in "Bas-Relief" software! That moves the program to the high level program in 2D to 3D conversion compare to other competitor's programs. Could you imagine it?

Not just moving the layers like some other software do, but in addition - transforming the flat objects to 3D objects!!!

PSD 3D Converter

"PSD 3D Converter" software is the high quality, professional and VERY, VERY UNIQUE software for 2D to 3D conversion. With "PSD 3D Converter" software you will be able to:

Make as many frames as you need.

Make the depth of 3D lenticular picture as big as you need.

Use as many layers and objects as you need.

Transform each 2D /flat object to 3D.

Arrange each layer and object in depth.

Use anti-aliasing effect for the 2D to 3D conversion.

Add to the layers "Zoom" and "Rotation" effects.

To save the frames as multilayered PSD files for combination of 3D and Flip effects.

Look at help files to this software...

Look at sample (2.06 Mb)

Visual Manual (8.65 Mb)

Newsletter, Issue 24. "How to make the Depth Map for using in "PSD 3D Converter" software?"

Please look at the videos that are explaining how to use "Anti-aliasing", "Zoom" and "Rotation" effects in a practice:

  1. Anti-aliasing for the 2D to 3D conversion.
  2. "Zoom" and "Rotation" effects.

Demo version of "PSD 3D Converter" (12.257 Mb). But before downloading the demo version you have to subscribe to my newsletter "Lenticular Technology and Business". It is absolutely FREE. After subscribing you will get a password to reach the "Members Only Area" on this web-site and download the demo version of "PSD 3D Converter".

But that is not all. We decided to sell this software as a combination of "PSD 3D Converter" and "MultiViewer" software. You could use "MultiViewer" software for frames viewing and cropping. And the best thing of this offer is you can take "MultiViewer" program for absolutely FREE.

Look at help files to "MultiViewer" software

The price on "PSD 3D Converter" and "MultiViewer" software is $250 USD. You will be able to download these software instantly after the payment.

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