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"StereoMorpher Plus" software for generating additional views (frames) for 3D lenticular picture manufacturing, made from a stereo pair and "MultiViewer" software for frames viewing and cropping

The process of stereo shooting for making 3D lenticular pictures is more complicated then the ordinary photo shooting because you have to shoot the object from the several different angles. There are several ways how to do that:

  1. To use the special device like Tripod add-on for moving a single camera in front of the object.
  2. To use many cameras, usually 6 - 12, located around or in front of the object.

Both of these ways have the advantages and disadvantages. First way is much cheaper, but it can capture just motionless objects. The second way is very expensive, but it can capture some slow motion objects. Sometimes it is not very easy to take 3D photos, but the photographers want to make the 3D pictures as easy as possible.

Many companies and 3D enthusiasts offer some ways and devices that can capture 3D pictures. As example, you can familiarize with some of these ways:

But as you can see all of these devices can make just stereo pairs. That means that you will get just two views (frames). That is absolutely not enough for 3D lenticular technology. For making 3D lenticular pictures we need more than 6 frames. Moreover a stereobase for 3D lenticular technology has to be longer than a stereobase for stereo pair in 3 - 4 times.

Hence, it would be great if we would have the way to transform the stereo pairs to 3D lenticular frames.

Fortunately, now we have the good decision for that kind of work. It is "StereoMorpher PLUS" software. This software is intended for generating the additional in-between and outer views (frames) for 3D lenticular picture manufacturing from the stereo pairs.

"StereoMorpher PLUS" uses the basic principle of usual morphing applications: drawing of the identical shapes in the left and the right images, and transformation of the left shape into the right shape. There are some essential features:

The function of automatic polygons creation.

The identical polygons can be created by stereo matching tool and be corrected manually.

The polygons are created for one view only (left or right), then second view polygons are created by copying and shifting of first view polygons or by stereo matching.

The morphing algorithm differs from algorithm of usual morph application. There is a possibility to generate in-between and outer views to expand the viewing field.

The function of parallax measuring.

I have gotten the new version of "StereoMorpher PLUS". You know I worked with old version a lot doing portraits. "StereoMorpher PLUS" makes morphing process much easier, faster and, the main thing, with the better quality. Please, see an example that I made from stereo pair.

The customers are happy! And me too! :-)
It will do benefit to my business using "StereoMorpher PLUS"!"

Georg Mainow
3D Photographer

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What is NEW in version 2.6... (10 Mb)

Visual manuals:

Step 1. Preparing the stereo pair (Download 5.3 MB)

Step 2. Measuring the parallaxes (Download 1.9 MB)

Step 3. Main outer polygon (Download 8 MB)

Step 4a. Inner polygons drawing (Download 10 MB)

Step 4b. Overlapped fragments (Download 1.3 MB)

Step 4c. Thin hair processing (Download 1 MB)

Step 4d. Background polygons (Download 2.3 MB)

Step 5. Views generation (Download 4.8 MB)

Step 6. Postprocessing (Download 3.7 MB)

Tips and Tricks

1. Quick and easy (Download 1.2 MB)

2. Stereo matching error correction (Download 3.7 MB)

3. How to use the Pen tool (Download 1.8 MB)

Please download the demo version of "StereoMorpher Plus" software (20 Mb)
Demo version can work with black-and-white pictures only.

But that is not all. We decided to sell this software as a combination of "StereoMorpher Plus" and "MultiViewer" software. You could use MultiViewer software for frames viewing and cropping.

The price on "StereoMorpher PLUS" and "MultiViewer" software is $650 USD. You will receive the CD and HASP key by courier mail.

But that is not all. If you order now you will receive "StereoMorpher PLUS" and "MultiViewer" software with 30-day Risk Free Guarantee.

Of course, you don't have to decide now. Instead, grab my risk-free offer, learn this technology for 30 days, and convert your stereopairs to lenticular 3D frames!

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