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"ViewsAligner" software for 3D frames alignment and cropping

Process of stereo shooting for making 3D lenticular pictures is more complicated then the ordinary photo shooting because you have to shoot the object at least 6 times from the several different angles. There are several ways to do that:

  1. To use the special device like Tripod Add-on for moving a single camera in front of the object.
  2. To use many cameras, usually from 6 to 12, located around or in front of the object.

Both of these ways have the advantages and disadvantages.

First method:



Second method:



You could see that this additional work is hard enough to discourage many photographers from trying 3D photo technology. Especially if you intend to make the high quality 3D lenticular pictures using 10 and more frames. Sometimes you have to spend several hours and even days to do this work. It is good, if you are going to make, for example, 10 thousands of the same lenticular pictures at once. But it is very bad if you plan to make several lenticular pictures day after day.

Fortunately, we have the software that can align all of your frames by tilt, by magnification, by "zero point", by colors and brightness, crop them by the proportion of your final 3D lenticular picture during few minutes and even interlace your frame set into one interlaced picture. Can you imagine it? It will save a lot of your time and efforts! That is the really unique software that you will not be able to find elsewhere in the world. It calls "ViewsAligner" software.

ViewsAligner software

"ViewsAligner" software is the high quality, professional and reliable software for frames alignment. You will save a lot of your time and efforts using this software. It is very useful software for 3D enthusiasts and absolutely necessary for professionals. With "ViewsAligner" software you will be able to:

Work with as many frames as you need.

Eliminate the tilts of each frames from frame set.

Scale all of your frames to one size.

Align all of your frames by "zero point".

Align all of your frames by colors and brightness.

Crop all frames by the proportion of your final 3D lenticular picture.

Interlace your 3D frame set into one interlaced picture. Hence you do not need even interlacing software for making 3D lenticular pictures!

And moreover you will be able to do all of that during just a few minutes!

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