Discover the secrets
of Lenticular Technology

How to make high quality lenticular 3D photos and Flip pictures for home and business

Seventh Edition
Extended and Revised

This book is presented by Igor Kurchavov.

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Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Brief description of lenticular technology
3. Parallel stereo shooting with the tripod add-on
3.1 Description of a method
3.2 Stereobase choosing
3.3 Frames quantity choosing
3.4 Multiple shooting action sequence
3.5 Tripod Add-on for multishooting
4. The frames inclination angle correction
5. Snapshots alignment by "zero" point
6. Printing process calibration, interlacing and printing
6.1 Factors that affect the printing accuracy
6.1.1 Paper deformation caused by impregnation of printer ink
6.1.2 Printing inaccuracy of a printer
6.1.3 Step deviation of the lenticular lenses from nominal value
6.2 Calibration of the printing process
6.3 Interlacing
6.4 The interlaced image printing
7. Example of making 3D lenticular picture using "PhotoProjector" and "ViewsAligner" software
7.1 Making the pitch test using "PhotoProjector" software
7.2 The frame's alignment using "ViewsAligner" software
7.3 Process of interlacing using "PhotoProjector" software
8. Laminating (precise gluing of printed interlaced picture and lenticular lenses sheet)
8.1 Alignment lenticular lenses sheet and printed interlaced image
8.2 Laminating
9. Making lenticular Flip pictures
10. Example of making Flip lenticular picture using "PhotoProjector" software
10.1 Making the pitch test using "PhotoProjector" software
10.2 Frame's preparation
10.3 Process of interlacing using "PhotoProjector" software
10.4 How to reduce the "ghost" effect using "PhotoProjector" software
11. Conclusion
Appendix 1: Two steps Pitch Test
Appendix 2: Printed interlaced 3D picture
Appendix 3: Printed interlaced Flip picture

1. Introduction

The purpose of this book is to show a way as simple as it is possible to make high-quality lenticular 3D and Flip photos at home, using the usual and not expensive office equipment, which already presents almost in each house. I am talking about such things as a computer, a digital camera, an ink jet color photo printer, a laminator and possibly a cutting trimmer. I spent four years to improve this lenticular technology and permanently continue to do that. I spent many thousands of dollars to try the different types of printers, papers, lenticular lenses and other supplies to reach the best quality of lenticular pictures. I found many useful tricks on all stages of lenticular technology and 3D photo shooting and all of this knowledge and experience I described in my book.

It was the long way of trials and errors. But you do not need to waste your valuable time and money to repeat all of my errors. Now you can just read my step-by-step manual "How to make high quality lenticular 3D photos and Flip pictures for home and business", follow to described steps and your work will be successful.

If you want to start your own profitable business or expand the service to your customers, if you already have your business. This technology is right for you! I can prove it.

You can see by yourself that this technology is great for doing business. And now you have an unique opportunity to know all details about lenticular technology from professional. Seize it! :-)

The people often ask me "Why are you sharing this technology? There are just a few companies who can do the same pictures in the world. You have to hide your technology from everybody and earn big money!" But I think that it is better if this information will know more people, not just several big companies who want to monopolize this niche of photography. I know that many people will be happy to know this technology, like I am. I guess that it is my contribution to improve our world. You know these words "The Beauty will save The World". I would like that this technology will help people to show The Beauty.

There are several different ways of 3D pictures manufacturing at present time. The most of these ways require an expensive equipment and a lot of extra tools for viewing, such as special 3D glasses.

I would like to tell to you about simple and cheap way of lenticular 3D pictures manufacturing. I have made several thousands of them and now I would like to share my experience with you. A 3D photos creation is a very fascinating process. I know many photo amateurs, who would like to reflect their photos in three dimensions. And, as far as I understand, you are one of them. :-) Well then, I would like to make you happy! There is a simple way to make a 3D photo!

I know, that you will be pleasantly surprised when will hold in hands your first 3D photo, and how many joyful moments will be delivered to you by showing the 3D photos you have made to your relatives and friends. It is very funny to see someone observing a 3D picture the at very first time and trying to figure out how can such thin picture look deep (even looking at the back, trying to touch the object, etc). It really bewitches when you see not only depth of a picture, but also when a part of object visually coming out of the 3D picture and lying above the surface.

You can use this technology to express your inspiration in a graphic art. This technology opens a new way to create really artistic works, for example you can combine 2D and 3D objects together into one and make the very interesting visual effects. Please, see on the picture below. I have combined a 2D beautiful womanís portrait with a 3D object of two roses. If you will create and present such portrait to your loved woman, I believe she will be happy!

3D Photo

The fundamental principles of lenticular 3D picture manufacturing were developed more than a hundred years ago. Plenty of pictures were made since then all around the world. But years ago it used to take large capital investments to purchase a lot of special and very expensive equipment. It also required the highly skilled personnel presence and a lot of time to manufacture every single picture. Therefore making of 3D pictures was accessible only to large companies for many years and economically itself justified only by producing the large amount of 3D pictures, that were mostly used in advertising.

Even a few years ago the appearance of 3D pictures manufacturing technology, about which I would like to tell you, was not possible. But, because of the technical progress, occurrence of personal computers, colour photo printers and inexpensive lenticular lens sheets the real opportunity to make photos at home has finally appeared. Now manufacturing of a single lenticular 3D photo takes about 30 minutes of time, and all the expenses including lenticular lens sheet purchase, paper and ink for printer needed to manufacture a single 3D photo of the size 4" x 6" (10 ű 15 cm) do not exceed 3.50 dollars.

You need just one inexpensive interlacing software such us "PhotoProjector" for making lenticular 3D pictures. If you already have another interlacing software you can use it.

In my work I use the software developed by the talented programmer, scientist, large enthusiast of 3D photography and charming woman E. Wassenmiller. She developed the several very useful and professional software such as:

The descriptions of these software as well as their demonstration versions you could find on my web site

If you need the lenticular lens sheets with an adhesive layer you could order them from page

For multi shooting you could use the very convenient and reliable Tripod Add-on. Please, read the description on it on the page Pay attention to "MultiStereoBase" software that calculates the camera shift for multishooting.

This book does not contain any complicated formulas and calculations. In this book I am sharing with you my practical experience of lenticular 3D pictures manufacturing, which could be successfully applied by anyone, who has any interest in 3D photography. I hope that the technology described in this book will become a good base for your hobby or will help you develop a new business direction.

I tried not to be attached to any certain software, but to tell general principles, which can be used with any software. Therefore, if you already have any interlacing software it is possible that there is no need to get other similar program.

In case you have any questions or wishes concerning this book I would really like you will write .

Well, letís start! Good luck!

Igor Kurchavov

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Pay attention to the tool kit and save your money!

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